2016 Donizetti Award

Ahıskal was named the String Performer of the Year 2016 in Turkey. This is the article in the award booklet and its German & English translations.

I have been on the stage for all kinds of concerts from solos with orchestras to recitals, from conducting to TV shows and even movies!  However this particular experience was very different and much fun.

Müzik yazarı Ahmet Say'ın Cumhuriyet Gazetesi'nin Haziran 2016 tarihli sayısında çıkan ve 16 Mayıs tarihindeki resitalimi irdeleyen yazısı.

A series of experimental recitals exploring the relationship between architecture and music. I am hidden, I am boxed and I am hung for performances. Venue: The Arts Tower, Sheffield, England. Year: 1991...

Ahmet SAY'ın 16 Mayıs 2016 tarihinde CSO Salonu'nda verdiğim solo resital hakkındaki yorumlarını burada okuyabilirsiniz.