" … his dynamic playing, stature, strong
sound, and intellectual approach
me of the great David Oistrakh.”

Fahrettin Kerimov, conductor
Azerbaijan State Artist­­­­­


"… thoroughly steeped in experience as
soloist and chamber musician … beautiful
tone, mature understanding of repertoire
and style, excellent rhythmic sense, and impeccable intonation. I admire [his] talent, discipline, and experience.”

Bridget-Michaele Reischl, conductor
Green Bay Symphony Orchestra


".. a violinist and musician of the
highest calibre..."

Malcolm Layfield, violin
Goldberg Ensemble


" … a first class experience musically."
" … very sophisticated playing".

Roger Bigley, viola
Royal Northern College of Music, England

".. a first class musician with an excellent technique...”

Timothy Walker, guitar
Royal Academy of Music, England


"… superior performing ability and
intelligent musicianship …”

Pablo Sabat, conductor
Peruvian National Youth Orchestra


"… a wonderful violinist … incisive
technique and passionate temperament…”

Robert Carl, composer


" … a highly creative, intelligent and
thoughtful musician. … excellent

Karin Greenhead, Dalcroze specialist
Royal Northern College of Music, England


"… an excellent violinist with a strong technique and a beautiful sound. He feels
the music deeply and is able to communicate this convincingly to an audience. He has a most satisfying combination of exciting passion and subtle sensitivity

Philip Setzer, violin
Emerson String Quartet


".. a talented, intelligent and industrious violinist... a sensitive, thoughtful player, always coordinating with and responding
to his fellow musicians".

Eugene Drucker, violin
Emerson String Quartet


"… genuinely excels in each genre. … one
of the most versatile and open-minded musicians … stellar level of musicianship …”

Benjamin Toth, percussion